Chris at Lakemoor Transmissions answers some frequently asked questions. Click on each question to view the answer. 

Servicing & Repairing for over 30 years, obtaining several Certifications Including ASE Certified, we also keep current and up to date by attending all Transmission Seminars and take part in continued Instructional on new technology in this ever changing and dynamic field.

This could indicate your vehicle may need a minor cable adjustment, a new sensor or it could be as serious as needing the transmission rebuilt.

Typically from start to finish we will have your vehicle 2-3 business days in most cases.

If your vehicles transmission is not shifting into gear correctly or skipping a gear, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new transmission. It could need shift solenoids or it could have a blown fuse.  Do ignore the problem and continue driving the vehicle. You are most likely going to create more damage as a result. Seek out an honest transmission expert at once.

A transmission flush requires a machine to be hooked up to the car through the cooler lines that flushes the old transmission fluid out as it pumps the new transmission fluid in. The transmission filter will not be changed.

When performing a fluid change, the transmission pan is removed, a new transmission filter is replaced, along with a new pan gasket, in addition to the installation of the correct type of recommend transmission fluid for your vehicle. There are many different types of transmission fluid that go along with the various years, makes and model vehicles. It is imperative that the correct type of transmission fluid is used.

You may want to think about having the transmission fluid changed on your vehicle every 30,000 miles or if the transmission was recently overhauled or rebuilt. On new vehicles, refer to your owners manual for the recommended services schedule.

Your vehicles engine may be running and your stuck in place, not moving, and the cause could be one of the many possibilities listed here: On board computer systems/torque converter/axles/the transmission/differentials/drive shaft or it could be as simple as a shifter cable.

Yes!  We work on Domestics Vehicles such as Ford, Chevrolet, General Motors & Dodge. As well as, Foreign Makes; Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Audi, BMW, Volkswagen & Mercedes-Benz. Just to name a few.

We prefer to use Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Parts. We will also use Aftermarket Parts for Customers that prefer to use them. This is usually a Budget based decision for the Customer to make.  We inform our Customers of each price option as well as the benefits and differences between the two-OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

Yes!   We offer Written Estimates  so our Customers can be informed on the Services or Repairs needed. Shop Around, you will find Lakemoor Transmissions will have the Best Value with the Highest Quality!

Yes!  We will be more than happy to professionally install your supplied parts. Understand with that, there is no Warranty with this option.

Brakes should be inspected on most vehicles every 15,000-20,000 miles. If you hear a squeaking or grinding sound, or if you notice a difference in the way that your brake pedal reacts when applied, make an appointment as soon as possible, as you are putting yourself and the safety of others at an increased risk.

We give all our Customers piece of mind with a Written 12 Month or 12,000 Mile Warranty.

No. Your vehicle will not pass the Illinois State emissions test if the light is on. This light is a signal that there is an issue and needs to be professionally scanned and diagnosed even though you think your vehicle is operating OK. Save yourself a lot of time and hassle and see your local mechanic for the professional diagnosis as opposed to your local parts store, which only has a code reader not an actual scanner to diagnosis the problem correctly. Don’t be penny smart and dollar foolish, as the quick fix your local parts store may try to sell you, will have you back in line at the emissions test facility, again and again with the roll of the dice am I to pass today…?

Yes!  We can make arrangements for you to drop off evenings or weekends.

You will meet the Owner Chris Dubach.  Lakemoor Transmissions is Family Owned & Operated. We reside in the Community in which we service.  We are active within our Community supporting many organizations of which you will see proudly displayed on our walls.

Yes we can! Below is a list of all the clutch kits we carry.

  • Acura Clutch Kit
  • Alfa Romeo Clutch Kit
  • American Motors Clutch Kit
  • Audi Clutch Kit
  • BMW Clutch Kit
  • Buick Clutch Kit
  • Cadillac Clutch Kit
  • Chevrolet Clutch Kit
  • Chrysler Clutch Kit
  • Corvette Clutch Kit
  • Daewoo Clutch Kit
  • Daihatsu Clutch Kit
  • Dodge Clutch Kit
  • Eagle Clutch Kit
  • Fiat Clutch Kit
  • Ford Clutch Kit
  • Geo Clutch Kit
  • GMC Clutch Kit
  • Honda Clutch Kit
  • Hummer Clutch Kit
  • Hyundai Clutch Kit
  • Infiniti Clutch Kit
  • Isuzu Clutch Kit
  • Jeep Clutch Kit
  • Jetta Clutch Kit
  • Kia Clutch Kit
  • Land Rover Clutch Kit
  • Lexus Clutch Kit
  • Lincoln Clutch Kit
  • Lotus Clutch Kit
  • Mazda Clutch Kit
  • Mercedes Clutch Kit
  • Mercedes-Benz Clutch Kit
  • Mercury Clutch Kit
  • Merkur Clutch Kit
  • MG Clutch Kit
  • Mini Cooper Clutch Kit
  • Mitsubishi Clutch Kit
  • Nissan Clutch Kit
  • Oldsmobile Clutch Kit
  • Peugeot Clutch Kit
  • Plymouth Clutch Kit
  • Pontiac Clutch Kit
  • Porsche Clutch Kit
  • Renault Clutch Kit
  • Saab Clutch Kit
  • Saturn Clutch Kit
  • Scion Clutch Kit
  • Subaru Clutch Kit
  • Suzuki Clutch Kit
  • Toyota Clutch Kit
  • Volkswagen Clutch Kit
  • VW Clutch Kit
  • Volvo Clutch Kit